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The 3 best jeans brands

Practical, comfortable and fashionable jeans are unthinkable in any wardrobe. All the big fashion houses offer classic, youthful and sporty denim to suit all tastes. We’ve sifted through hundreds of manufacturers to find the best, most popular brands thanks to their high quality and originality. Here are the founding fathers of denim trouser culture, confidently leading the market for over a hundred years. Their products are of the highest quality and quite reasonably priced.

1. Levi’s – legendary quality

Levi's Just Really Nailed It With These '90s-Inspired Jeans - Fashionista

From its beginnings in 1853 with the first pair of canvas trousers, the company has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of jeans.

The brand name is an abbreviation of its founder, Levi Stross, who coined the word ‘jeans’. The company’s two-horse label is a symbol of the sturdiness and wearability of its products.

Levi’s offers women and men a wide range of collections in a classic to youthful and sporty styles in a wide range of sizes.

In recent years Levi’s has developed new signature styles. The company has created the “Wedge” – the boldly bold, torn-edge cropped summer trousers, the short and placketed buggy, the skinny skinny jeans.

Classic straight trousers continue to be produced. Despite the annual revamping, all the trousers keep to the minimalist and laconic design.


  • Highest quality of tailoring and fabric;
  • Variety of cuts and colours;
  • High durability;
  • Widely available in numerous brand shops as well as in large shopping centres;
  • Quite reasonable price;
  • Branded warranty.

2. Lee – a time-honoured classic

Lee St Louis Men Charcoal Straight Relaxed Jeans W32 L36 | Fabb Fashion

The second oldest company in the world after Levi’s was founded in the USA in 1911 by Henry David Lee. The firm was the first to attract international stars to promote its products.

Despite constant updates to their collections, the brand’s trademark dark blue trousers with classic straight cut and slight scuffs are still very much alive and suited to everyone.

The brand is recognisable for the numerous rivets, locks, embroidered pockets and welted embroidery. The manufacturer’s slogan ‘4F’ symbolises the special attention paid to fit, fabrics, finishes and future.


  • A variety of jeans to suit every taste;
  • High quality fabrication material;
  • There are unisex models;
  • Longevity;
  • Many youthful collections;
  • Low to medium cost.

3. Wrangler – elegance and comfort

Vintage 90s Wrangler 'Monterey' straight leg jeans in dark blue denim - W30 x L31.5 - St Cyr Vintage

Wrangler completes the world’s top three in denim clothing. Founded in 1904, the brand has long adhered to a brutal cowboy style. For this, Elvis Presley, Brigitte Bardot, David Beckham and Harrison Ford have been staunch fans for years.

In recent decades the company has massively expanded its range, adding to the mix with styles in a range of cuts and colours. However, all the models are true to the brand’s motto: ‘simplicity, functionality and convenience’.


  • Made from quality material;
  • No shrinkage;
  • Reasonable price in keeping with the quality;
  • Longevity;
  • Bold, original colours.



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