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Best Robot Vacuum for 2022

A few years ago, the main function of a robot hoover was considered to be saving time: most consumers were convinced that a robot hoover was only suitable for owners of large houses who could not clean them themselves with a regular hoover and a mop. However, the time has shown that robot hoovers are not just limited to saving time, and they are useful even for owners of small flats. How to choose a robot hoover for your home? To help you choose your ideal model, our article presents a ranking of the 3 best robot vacuum cleaner models, according to our editorial.


1. HOBOT Legee 668

HobotLegee 688 4 in 1 Vacuum Mop Robot with Multiple Cleaning Modes and AI Smart Spray, Controlled by App or Remote : Amazon.co.uk: Home & Kitchen


This robot hoover is designed for comprehensive floor cleaning. It divides the cleaning process into four steps. In the first stage, the hoover picks up small debris, such as pet hair and small debris, from the floor. The second stage involves two wipes (one dry, one wet) vibrating 10 times a second to scrub away stains, mimicking the movements of a person’s hands. The third stage can be called the most important – wet cleaning. The robot sprays microscopic particles of water, making it easier to ensure that even stubborn dirt is removed. As the final step, the hoover gently wipes the floor with a cloth which not only absorbs the water but also acts as a scrubber. The washable mesh filter and the HEPA filter keep even the finest dust inside the tank.

The D-brush design and side brush allows the unit to dry-clean even hard-to-reach areas, including areas where pet hair is most likely to accumulate and where cleaning is especially important, such as under the radiator.

It has built-in electronic navigation and laser sensors: it plans the cleaning cycle, maps the room and works around furniture, sharp corners and small objects. Because it runs on tracks, the Legee doesn’t get tangled in wires – unlike robots on round wheels, which get stuck if they run over them. Height sensors prevent the robot from falling down steps, while the electronic compass, gyroscope and rotary encoder help it navigate with precision.

Operating time without recharging is 90 minutes.
Charging time: 3 hours.
The volume of the dust bag – 0.5 litres.
Water tank – 0.32 litres.
Filter/filter type – HEPA filters.


2. iRobot Roomba 698

Roomba® 698 Robot Vacuum Cleaner | iRobot® | iRobot


This hoover is one of the latest models from the American company iRobot, known for its excellent build quality and extensive network of authorised service centres. The iRobot Roomba 698 has several premium features at a very reasonable cost.

The device can operate from a simple CLEAN button on the panel, receive commands via Wi-Fi or perform cleaning on a predetermined weekly schedule. Therefore, the Roomba 698 can clean the floors of the house in the absence of the owner and will not “get in the way”, distracting from everyday activities.

Roomba 698 is equipped with infrared and ultrasonic sensors, readings that are analyzed at high speed (more than 60 decisions per second), so the robot efficiently responds to all obstacles, builds a map of the room and adapts to its features. There are height difference sensors, thanks to which the device recognises steps and can overcome thresholds 1.5-2 cm high.

Three-stage technology is responsible for the quality of cleaning: rubbish collection with two turbo brushes (rubber and lint), cleaning along the walls with a paddle brush and powerful suction. This ensures that all dirt, from large debris to the finest dust and lint, is removed from both hard floors and carpets. The dust canister is specially adapted for picking up pet hair: inside the canister, air flows through the brushes and helps remove light fibres. The fine filter retains fine dust particles and allergens.

The unit is able to check how thoroughly it has cleaned the floors, ensuring quality cleaning even in heavily soiled areas. If necessary, it can re-clean an already cleaned area by running a more intensive cleaning mode. Roomba 698 charges itself.

Operating time without recharging – 70 minutes.
Charging time is 3 hours.
Dust container capacity – 0.6 litres.
Filter/filter type – HEPA fine filter.


3. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot White (17061) : Amazon.co.uk: Home & Kitchen


The robot from Chinese giant Xiaomi upholds that manufacturer’s reputation. This robot hoover is beautiful, functional and not expensive. One of the advantages of the model is its powerful battery, which charges for 4 hours and allows the hoover to work autonomously for up to 2.5 hours. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a laser rangefinder, obstacle sensors, ultrasonic radar – 12 sensors in total. Thanks to this, the hoover perfectly navigates in space, can remember the map of the room and independently create a route. The robot hoover works equally well on smooth and shaggy surfaces (it can only get stuck on a very fluffy carpet).

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a cyclone filter, which retains even the smallest dust particles well in the container.

The cleaning mechanics are quite simple, the hoover has two brushes: a floating main brush and a side brush. There is no wet cleaning function.

Operating time without recharging – 150 minutes.
Charging time is 4 hours.
Dust bag capacity: 0.42 litres.
Filter/filter type: fine dust filters, cyclone filter.



It is best to choose a robot hoover based on the needs and parameters of your home. Are there areas of the home that are hard to reach or difficult to clean, such as stairs, furniture with legs or long-pile carpets? Do you need to clean and air clean frequently? How long can a hoover run without recharging? The answers to these questions will essentially tell you in what price segment it is best to look for an vacuum cleaner.


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