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Casio Brand Review

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The world’s first portable all-electric calculator, created by the four Kashio brothers, helped launch Casio in 1957. Since then, Casio’s company has thrived on innovation, which has produced a wide range of innovations that have enhanced the quality of life for several generations of users. Casio’s motto, “creativity and contribution”, shows their commitment to giving back to society by providing unique, practical products that only Casio is capable of.

“Creativity and contribution” is the company motto of Casio. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to giving back to society by providing unique, practical items that only Casio can. Innovatively designed products help individuals in their daily lives and advance civilization. They make people happy and contribute to the development of new cultures. Whole new markets are created when even one new product is extensively used, which in turn promotes expansion in linked sectors. This is the tale of how Casio has improved society via its ingenious products.

Casio Products


  • Casio Vintage
  • Casio Collection
  • G-Shock
  • Edifice
  • Stopwatches & Clocks


Musical instruments

  • Grand Hybrid Pianos
  • Home Pianos
  • Portable Pianos
  • Beginner Pianos
  • Keyboards
  • Accessories
  • Light Up My Life



  • Scientific Calculators
  • Graphic Calculators
  • Desk Calculators
  • Pocket Calculators
  • Printing Calculators
  • Financial Calculators


Why you should try their watch


Casio watches are built to last. They are reliable and trustworthy friends, able to withstand difficult circumstances. In other words, Casio won’t suffer if you play hardball. They are made to last a long time. These watches can withstand small shocks that most watches would not be able to withstand because they are waterproof. They also provide excellent battery life.


Casio watches are considered more affordable than most expensive watches. Casio is relatively inexpensive, however, a lower price does not mean less quality. Superior quality, design and features all highlight Casio.

The stars adore them

Casio watches are popular among celebrities. Many celebrities have been spotted with watches, although most of them prefer expensive models and limited editions. Bill Gates, Sarena Williams, Dwayne Johnson and other celebrities are among the many fans of Casio watches.


Casio knows that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all watch. That’s why Casio offers a great selection from which to choose. Casio makes the following watches: G-Shock, Baby G, Edifice, Sheen and Protrek.

Casio lineups


G-Shock GSW-H1000 Review: The G-Shock Collector's Choice | Digital Trends


The G-Shock is the epitome of a rugged watch. The idea behind the G-Shock was developed to make something rugged, and able to withstand carelessness and human error. Strength, performance and durability all come together in the G Shock. This watch is not only water resistant but also shock resistant.

They have exceptional timekeeping accuracy. G shock watches can be connected to smartphones. The watch receives and processes location and time data from GPS satellites, determines the current time zone and DST, and displays the exact time. This watch also incorporates a unique solar charging technology. This system is capable of generating energy to power both weak light sources such as fluorescent lamps and sunlight.

Baby G

Ceas Dama, Casio G-Shock, Baby-G Digital BGD-560-4ER

Casio does not agree with the opinion that toughness and femininity are incompatible. In 1994, the Baby G women’s watch was introduced to the public. Like the G-Shock, this watch was released with the idea of ruggedness. This watch is water resistant and has a design that resists impact. They feature bright shapes and colours that appeal to women as they have been designed with women in mind. This watch is particularly suitable for fashionable women who love an active lifestyle. This watch is the epitome of strength, elegance and practicality.





The multifunction chronograph from Casio is the Edifice, demonstrating their commitment to incorporating the most advanced technology into their products. The Edifice watches include several functions, such as different alarms and dials to tell the time in different parts of the world. These watches have been designed to appeal to people who are working professionals. Edifice offers sophisticated versions with electronic movements in addition to simple chronographs. Many Edifice watches also use Casio’s “Tough Solar” solar-powered batteries. These watches, depending on the model, are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing users to link them with their mobile phones and exchange chronograph data.



Casio Sheen SHE-3068PG-4AUER | Hodinky-365.com


The Sheen watch has a slight sheen, as its name suggests. The elegance, grace and unmistakable quality they exude are not subtle. The Sheen watch is ‘Elegant, smart, shiny’ as promised. This watch is durable and scratch resistant. The Sheen watch is exceptional thanks to the superior Japanese technology that Casio uses. This is a stylish watch that you want to have on your wrist for glitz and glamour. The watch is water-resistant and exquisitely thin. The watch has all the characteristics of Casio products in a great case, it is functional and tastefully made.

Pro Trek


Watches | Products | CASIO


The Pro Trek was created to be the ultimate outdoor gear, as its name suggests. Since its introduction in 1994, the Pro Trek has evolved into the ultimate wilderness outfitter. The Pro Trek is equipped with a “triple gauge, version 3” that can measure altitude, temperature, atmospheric pressure and direction. In addition, the watch is water resistant, has solar-powered timekeeping capabilities and all the features you need for extreme outdoor activities or adventure sports. Equipped with pressure, temperature, acceleration and other sensors, these smart watches can be connected to your mobile phones. Watch enthusiasts can choose from a variety of Pro Trek models to suit their requirements.

Casio history

The first miniature calculator powered entirely by electricity was launched by Casio in 1957. The company was one of the first manufacturers of digital cameras, and in the 1980s and 1990s, it produced a wide range of affordable home electronic keyboards for artists. The yubiwa pipe, a finger ring that held a cigarette and allowed the wearer to smoke a cigarette all the way through, freeing their hands, was Casio’s first significant product.

After seeing electric calculators at the first business exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo, in 1949, Kashio and his brothers Toshio, Kazuo and Yukio decided to use the money they had earned from yubiwa to make their calculators.

In June 1957, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. was founded. In the same year, Casio introduced the 14-A, the first small all-electric calculator using relay technology. Casio’s inexpensive electronic instruments and its range of inexpensive home electronic musical keyboards became popular in the 1980s. The company was also known for the variety and creativity of its wristwatches. The company was one of the first to produce wrist quartz watches, both digital and analogue. At this time Casio also started selling calculator watches.

Owners of Casio watches don’t have to do anything for them. These watches can withstand a lot that a conventional watch cannot. However, this does not mean that you should neglect the way you take care of your watch. On the contrary, it will last longer if you take better care of it. A Casio watch, just like any other watch, requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep it working properly.



As we have already established, this brand has nothing more to prove as it has stood the test of time. It was once the only known type of watch on the market before we had so many options today. Their quality cannot be overstated, and that’s nothing new.

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