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The 3 best Huawei laptops

Huawei laptops have their own chips and features that set them apart from the rest. In general, these are compact 14″ models in a lightweight aluminium casing and with excellent screens.

Huawei Share is available in the MateBook range. It integrates Huawei and Honor smartphones with the brand’s laptops. The technology allows:

  • Transfer images from your phone to your laptop and vice versa;
  • Simultaneously manage a pair of devices;
  • Quickly move and edit documents;
  • Call and text directly from your laptop.

Most of the brand’s laptops come with a webcam to ensure privacy. A unique design is that it’s disguised as a key: you press a button and the camera pops out. However, many people aren’t too keen on the idea, because the view from below is rather awkward.

Huawei has also gone to great lengths to optimise notebook performance and improve battery life. MateBook owners will typically have 7-8 hours of battery life at all times. A pleasant bonus will be the compact chargers and high battery charging speed.

The best Huawei laptops

Huawei is actively conquering the laptop market. The company now has quite a few interesting solutions for working at home and outside, as well as for studying and even for digital creativity – the brand’s range includes models with touch screens.


NEW LAPTOP HUAWEI MATEBOOK 14S HKD-W76 - Jumbo International

Performance is good enough for most tasks, including playing games on medium settings. Picture and sound quality make the MateBook suitable for enjoyable movie watching.

Recommended configuration:

Screen: 14.2″ LTPS 2560×1680 │ Processor: Intel Core i7-11370H │ Graphic card: Intel Iris Xe Graphics │ RAM: 16GB │ SSD: 1TB │ Interfaces: 2x USB-C (DisplayPort), Thunderbolt 4, USB-A 3.2; HDMI; mini jack 3.5mm; Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1.

Traditionally, the buyer gets the aluminium construction. The matte finish of the body and screen doesn’t collect dirt, and in the latter case also gets rid of glare. The volume of the 4 built-in speakers exceeds 80dB.

The display here has a non-standard aspect ratio and 2.5K resolution. The refresh rate is adjustable up to a maximum of 90 Hz. The colour palette has reached a billion shades. The screen itself is a touch screen.


  • Excellent build quality and components;
  • touchscreen monitor with high resolution and hertz;
  • powerful audio system with surround sound;
  • fast battery charging;
  • compatibility with Huawei ecosystem devices;
  • privacy protection.


  • no card reader;
  • weak webcam.


2. Huawei MateBook X Pro 14″


HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2021 - HUAWEI Global

The X Pro is suitable for semi-professional graphics and video processing, word processing, web surfing, watching movies and even running some games.

Recommended configuration:

Screen: 13.9″ LTPS 3000×2000 │ Processor: Intel Core i7-1165G7 │ Graphic card: Intel Iris Xe Graphics │ RAM: 16GB │ SSD: 512GB │ Interfaces: USB 3.2, 2x USB-C; headphone combo jack; Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1.

The compact ultrabook in an aluminium casing is very light – just over 1.3kg. Owners of Huawei and Honor smartphones will appreciate the integration of the computer with the phone.

A characteristic point of the notebook’s specification is the touch screen display. The manufacturer has installed a monitor with an aspect ratio of 3:2. The LTPS properties of the screen allow for minimal responsiveness and at the same time reduce power consumption by turning off dark pixels.

With customisable power-saving modes, the battery has enough power for 7 hours of multimedia entertainment or 8-9 hours of internet browsing.


  • improved screen matrix;built-in audio system with 4 speakers;
  • express recharging;
  • there is a fingerprint scanner and NFC module;
  • foldable camera;


  • no SD reader;
  • performance of integrated graphics is limited.


3. Huawei MateBook B3-520

The new HUAWEI MateBook B Series brings the all-scenario experience to life - Digital Street

A medium-level multitasking tool for office work, study and home use.

Recommended configuration:

Screen: 15.6″ IPS 1920×1080 │ Processor: Intel Core i5-1135G7 │ Graphic card: Intel Iris Xe Graphics │ RAM: 8GB │ SSD: 512GB │ Interfaces: 3x USB-A, USB-C 3.2 gen 1 (3.0); HDMI; 3.5mm mini jack; Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1.

The machine in a sleek metal case has the most user-friendly diagonal. A touchpad is adjacent to a pair of microphones.

A folding camera provides privacy, but the angle makes it difficult to make eye contact with the person you’re talking to. A biometric reader is built into the power button.

Running applications including a browser, office suite, PC games at low settings work without freezing. But buying this laptop as a gaming laptop is not a good idea.

Under the Huawei Share sticker, there is a sensor for synchronising the computer with devices using similar technology. With a short contact, the smartphone and laptop pair up, allowing you to control the phone and its contents via the laptop.


  • matte anti-glare coating of the monitor;
  • a sufficient number of ports;
  • universal charger;
  • data safety;
  • Huawei Share function.


  • Display with limited brightness and colour rendering.


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