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XP-Pen Brand Review

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Discover the world of digital art with XP-Pen, one of HANVON UGEE’s leading brands offering top-of-the-line drawing tablets, pen displays, and digital handwriting solutions. Catering to artists, designers, and enthusiasts worldwide, XP-Pen boasts innovative products that enable you to express yourself authentically and boldly.


XP-Pen Artist Display 24 Pro Review - Is This The Photographers Ultimate Retouching Tool?

XP-Pen Offers

Artist 24


Artist 24 Pro QHD Professional Drawing Display Monitor | XPPen

  • 23.8-inch, 2K QHD(2560 x 1440 resolution).
  • Superb colour accuracy 127% sRGB.
  • Support USB-C to USB-C.
  • £489.99


Artist Pro 16TP

Artist Pro 16TP 4K UHD Multi-Touch Screen Drawing Pad Tablet | XP-Pen Europe Official Store


  • 15.6 inch,4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, Multi-touch Screen.
  • 92% Adobe RGB, 124% sRGB colour gamut, fully-laminated monitor.
  • EMR stylus supports pressure and tilt function, with a digital eraser at the end.
  • £559.99


Innovator 16

Innovator 16 best display drawing tablet for professionals | XPPen


  • 15.6 inch laminated Screen, Cool & Unique design.
  • 125% sRGB, 9mm thickness, double wheel and 8 hotkeys.
  • EMR technology, 60 degrees tilt action, 8192 pressure levels.
  • £279.99


Artist 22 (2nd Generation)

Artist 22 (2nd Generation) Large affordable drawing monitor | XPPen US Official Store


  • 21.5 inch 1080P Screen, 90% RGB / 122%sRGB color Space.
  • EMR battery-free stylus support tilt/Pressure sensitivity.
  • Support HDMI or USB-C to USB-C connection.
  • £399.99


Artist Pro 16


Artist Pro 16 Creative Drawing Pen display monitor | XPPen


  • X3 Smart Chip for Stylus with digital eraser, 8192 levels pressure.
  • 15.6 inches, 9mm profile, full lamination, 133% RGB.
  • Dual dials, 8 customizable shortcut keys.
  • £319.49


Line Friends x Artist 12 Pro


Artist 12 Pro drawing screen Line Friend edition | XP-Pen UK official store


  • Special design cooperates with Line Friends.
  • 11.6 inch 1080P 72%NTSC fully-laminated display.
  • Battery-free Stylus, 8192 pressure levels, 60 tilt degrees.
  • £188.99


Artist 15.6


Artist 15.6 Pro Screen Animation Drawing Tablet | XPPen

  • 15.6 inch IPS display, 1920×1080 resolution.
  • 75% Adobe RGB Color Gamut, 6 programmable shortcut keys.
  • The battery-free Stylus support 8192 pressure sensitivity.
  • Price: £239.99


Artist 13(2nd Gen)

Artist 13 (2nd Gen) | XPPen US Official Store


  • New Technology – X3 Smart Chip
  • 92% NTSC,130% sRGB,96% Adobe RGB
  • 13.3-inch fully-laminated screen, effortless portability
  • Price: £224.99


Star G960


Star G960 Graphic Digital Art Drawing Tablet | XPPen


  • 8.35 x5.33 inch working area, 8192 pressure sensitivity.
  • Battery-free stylus, 4 customizable shortcut keys.
  • 5080 LPI Resolution, 266 RPS Report Rate have no delay.
  • Price: £44.99


Star 03


Star 03 V2 large affordable graphic drawing tablet | XPPen


  • 10 x 6-inch working area, 8192 pressure sensitivity,8 shortcut keys.
  • The battery-free stylus does not require batteries or charging.
  • an affordable drawing pad with a responsive stylus, perfect for beginners to draw, sketch, and edit photos.
  • Price: £39.99


Deco mini 4


Deco mini4 small kids graphic drawing tablet | XPPen


  • 4x 3-inch working area, 8192 pressure sensitivity, 6 shortcut keys.
  • compatible with Android, Chromebook, Windows and Mac OS.
  • You can take it everywhere for drawing, writing, signature, and playing OSU!
  • Price: £23.99


Deco Fun XS/S/L

XP-Pen Deco Fun 4.8 Inches XS Pen Tablet with 60 Degrees Tilt Function – JG Superstore


  • three sizes XS/S/L and four colours available.
  • Compatible with Chromebook OS, Android OS.
  • ±60°tilt function to reach a smooth and vivid tilt brush effect.
  • Price: £27.99


Star 06 Wireless

XP-Pen Star 06 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Painting Pen Tablet 8192 | eBay

  • 10 x 6-inch working area, A touch dial and 6 shortcut Keys.
  • wired and wireless ( 2.4GHz Technology ) connection available.
  • Battery-free stylus support 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • Price: £59.99



Deco LW Bluetooth Wireless graphic drawing tablet | XP-Pen Europe Official Store



Deco Pro SW/MW Bluetooth

Deco Pro SW/MW Bluetooth professional drawing pad tablet | XPPen US Official Store

  • Bluetooth and wired connection, two sizes to select.
  • new modern, sleek, and thin design.
  • the battery-free stylus features pressure and tilt functions.
  • Price: £95.99


Deco mini 7 Wireless

Deco mini 7 wireless graphics tablet | XP-Pen Europe Official Store

  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology, USB-C to USB-C connection.
  • EMR Stylus Support Tilt and Pressure Function.
  • 7 x 4.37 inches working area, 8 customizable shortcut keys 
  • Price: £47.99


Revolutionize Your Creative Process with Exclusive Software Offers

Toon Boom and XPPen launch hardware and software bundles for students


Enhance your artistic journey with powerful software like Toon Boom, Zoner Photo Studio X, Explain Everything, ArtRage Lite, ArtRage 6, openCanvas, Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline Version, and more. XP-Pen has collaborated with industry-leading software providers to bring you a complete digital art ecosystem designed to inspire, streamline, and elevate your creative process.

Save Big with XP-Pen’s Student Discount

Unlock an exclusive 15% student discount at XP-Pen using Student Beans. Register and verify your student status with Student Beans to access this incredible offer, saving you money on your next digital art tool purchase.


15% Student Discount | XP-PEN Student Discounts


Why Choose XP-Pen for Your Digital Art Journey?

XP-Pen is dedicated to providing artists with high-quality, reliable digital drawing tools that enhance creativity and self-expression. Compatible with popular digital art programs such as Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Paint Tool SAI, Corel Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Inkscape, Zbrush, Blender, and more, XP-Pen’s products cater to a wide range of artistic preferences, from sketching and painting to 3D modeling and photo editing.

Join the digital art revolution and let XP-Pen transform your creative experience. Explore their extensive product range today and unleash the true potential of your artistic talents.

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