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Philip Kingsley Review

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Hair is an important part of our appearance that can have a strong psychological impact. It is also a feature of the human body that can be freely displayed sexually without discomfort. Because of this, it is difficult to understand the significance of human hair without also recognizing its role as a sexual object, according to several stylists and hair product manufacturers.

Philip Kingsley, founder of the eponymous hair product company, developed numerous products under his name after realizing that the chances of a consumer finding the perfect over-the-counter shampoo are only one in 100. One of his most well-known products is the Elasticizer, a pre-shampoo hair masque that was created to repair the damaged hair of Audrey Hepburn, who had undergone excessive styling and coloring for the film “Robin and Marian” (1976). In 1984, Kingsley also developed the Swimcap conditioning treatment for the United States Olympic synchronized swimming team. This product is applied to damp hair to protect against the effects of chlorine and sunlight and can be used as an alternative to a bathing cap.


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About Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley started working as an assistant at his uncle’s hair salon in London’s East End at the age of 16. He saved money to attend the Institute of Trichologists because he couldn’t afford to go to college. From a young age, Kingsley understood the significant psychological impact of hair on both men and women. He recognized how important hair is for self-esteem and dedicated his professional life to helping others achieve the best hair possible.

Kingsley made several pioneering contributions to the field of hair care thanks to his insight and expertise. He was the first hair expert to promote a healthy diet and overall wellness as a means of maintaining healthy hair. He also personally developed the Elasticizer, the first pre-shampoo conditioner, for Audrey Hepburn and coined the term “bad hair day.” His expertise helped bridge the gap between science and aesthetics, earning him numerous awards and accolades. The New York Times referred to him as the Hair Guru, Vogue called him the Hair Wizard, and the Sunday Times referred to him as the Hair Doctor.

Anabel Kingsley, the brand president and a renowned trichologist, was inspired by her father Philip Kingsley’s enthusiasm and kindness to pursue a career in acting. She is committed to carrying on her father’s legacy in the hair care industry for the next generation.

Philip Kingsley Products

Philip Kingsley is a renowned name in the hair care industry, known for their expertise in trichology and commitment to scalp health. They have Trichology Clinics in London and New York that offer the personalized Philip Kingsley approach on a daily basis. Since opening their London Clinic in 1968, their team of skilled trichologists has helped over 50,000 clients with all types of hair loss.

If you are experiencing male pattern hair loss, Philip Kingsley offers three different subscription programs to ensure you never miss a dose. They handle all the details and discreetly deliver treatment refills to your door.

Philip Kingsley is also known for their focus on scalp health. They were pioneers in understanding the importance of scalp health for overall hair health, and their trichologists are experts in treating scalp issues. Their Clinical Scalp Treatments are highly effective, extensively tested, and comprehensive, treating the scalp both internally and externally. They have successfully treated dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, and pityriasis amantacea on the scalp. They have expertise in addressing both hair loss and scalp problems, which often go hand in hand.

Treatment Pricing

Their services are not overpriced compared to their competitors and considering the level of expatriates they have in their organization. They have both physical and virtual consultations available depending on your choice.

They are happy to offer a successful and discreet service for treating male pattern hair loss in the privacy of your own home as the foremost authorities on hair loss. Their staff of internationally known trichologists, led by senior trichologists and brand president Anabel Kingsley, has over 170 years of combined expertise caring for the hair and scalp, making them your first port of call.

With a holistic approach to haircare, each product is created to not only enhance the appearance of your hair but also to help improve its long-term health and strength. These products range from supplements to a wide variety of products that specifically target and treat a range of hair concerns and hair textures. 

This distinctive haircare collection provides a solution for everyone, whether you want to cure split ends, battle flakes, or get more volume. And the evidence is in the hundreds of five-star reviews that Philip Kingsley has received online.

They also have a strong concern for the environment, and they just introduced stunning new packaging that is carbon-negative and manufactured from renewable resources like sugarcane.


5 Must Have Philip Kingsley Products You Need To Try


Unique facts about Philip Kingsley

  • Free delivery for anyone
  • You can purchase then pay later
  • Klarna gives you 30 days to pay once your haul has been dispatched, no fees attached.
  • You get to enjoy free 60-day returns
  • Unlimited free delivery for a whole year!

Final Thoughts

If you want the best products and services for your hair, turn to Philip Kingsley. With their expertise in trichology and commitment to scalp health, they can provide the care your hair needs. Avoid the trial and error of trying different products and services on your hair, and trust the experts at Philip Kingsley to help you achieve your hair goals. Visit them today to learn more.

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