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ANYVAN Review: Move Anything Anywhere

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Anyvan is a British logistics technology company based in London. Let’s discuss this brand. The company moves and transports large objects and goods such as houses, furniture and huge items, as well as cars and even pianos. This allows customers to meet their moving and freight needs at reasonable prices.

They have a reputation for communicating effectively and maintaining contact at every stage. They often arrive on time and are friendly. The company is known for always taking exceptional care of its clients’ belongings when moving.

About AnyVan

AnyVan allows customers to request delivery, transport and haulage services from its network of transport partners, who must submit bids to do the work. It connects the user’s delivery routes with the transport provider, minimising the cost and time involved.

AnyVan’s transport partners operate their own vehicles. AnyVan’s services are currently offered throughout the UK, as well as in other European countries including Germany, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy as of December 2015.

They’ll move anything from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond, whether it’s a king-sized bed, a framed portrait of a queen, a grand piano or heavy tools and furniture. To do this, they team up with anyone who wants to move anything with their trusted team of AnyVanners, who are appointed according to their experience and ability.


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All the while, customer service staff make sure your invaluable goods are delivered on time and economically.

They know that all you want is to delegate to a reliable person to move your things quickly and safely. AnyVan knows this and is here to make moving easier, cheaper and greener for everyone.

AnyVan Services

Their services are:


AnyVan's Angus Elphinstone: The man who moves anything from elephants to S&M chairs | Evening Standard


House removals

Find reliable home moving services with AnyVan and save time, money and hassle. With a dedicated moving coordinator handling the entire procedure, they’ll make your move as easy as possible. It all starts with a quick quote and basic fire and theft compensation of up to £50k.

They are happy to provide a fast, inexpensive and efficient service. Their team of moving partners are ready to meet your needs, whether you’re moving to a new flat or a rural mansion. Over 30,000 satisfied movers have given them a 5-star rating, and they are committed to providing you with the same happiness. AnyVan is ready to help you with your move, no matter what and where you want to move.

Shipping furniture and bulky items

Let AnyVan meet your need for an inexpensive and high-quality furniture moving service. They know that moving furniture can be daunting, whether you need a service to move your first sofa to a new flat or you’re replacing an outdated wardrobe.

Simply specify the furniture that needs to be picked up or delivered and you’ll be provided with a quote straight away. You can rely on AnyVan for ongoing support from an expert in the field and by the competent staff of your transport partner. They are there for you, regardless of whether you need to move a single chair or an entire kitchen.



Car Haulage

Let AnyVan handle all your car haulage needs. To make your move as hassle-free as possible, they will provide you with a quick quote, £50k liability insurance and a qualified car transport partner in just 15 seconds. They know that arranging a delivery or pick up of a vehicle can be extremely difficult. Making a sensible choice can sometimes seem unattainable with so many different competing companies.

That’s where they can help: never before has organising the collection and delivery of your vehicle been so simple and easy, regardless of its condition. Whether you need to arrange transport from the car dealer or you need to move your vehicle for component replacement or maintenance, they can handle it. They can ensure that you find the auto removal and delivery service that best suits your vehicle thanks to their extensive pool of transport partners. They have had the pleasure of working with BPI Auctions, AutoTrader and H. R. Owen.

Piano transport

Pianos are delicate instruments, and AnyVan’s expert moving partners can save you the hassle of moving them. Their piano shipping partners have worked with organisations such as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Opera House and the British Paraorchestra; they are experienced and competent.

A dedicated moving coordinator will then get your case and plan your piano transport from start to finish. They will be there to allay your concerns and make sure everything goes smoothly during the procedure. Regardless of distance or size, our piano movers provide impeccable service.

Shipping from eBay

AnyVan offers a practical and affordable choice if you need reliable courier services to deliver or collect items from eBay. They will make the procedure easier and more affordable, whether you need to pick up a large item from another city or move a small item to a local town.

They are ready to offer transport anytime, anywhere, thanks to a fleet of vans and professionals constantly working throughout the UK. They can offer significant discounts over normal prices because their transport partners are already on a route near you. They make sure that their transport partners have everything they need to fulfil your delivery order.


Removal Companies Birmingham | AnyVan


Motorbike transport

To get the best service for less money, arrange reliable and inexpensive motorbike transport with AnyVan. Thousands of motorbikes and scooters have been transported by their experienced vehicle transport partners over the years.

Considering their size, arranging delivery of a newly purchased or sold motorbike should be a simple procedure. However, AnyVan’s transport service is the easiest choice if you need to move the machinery without endangering it or riding it.

The van guy service

Get the expert with a van service from AnyVan for your transport needs. They offer a competent service at incredibly low prices. If you are looking for a van man service near you, they can get you there in no time as their transport partners are constantly working all over the UK. They go the extra mile for their clients to give you peace of mind. To make the man and van hiring service as easy as possible, AnyVan will assign you your moving coordinator.

Anyvan’s European deliveries

If you are looking for a logistics company that can help you relocate or organise a move from one country to another in Europe, AnyVan is the best solution for you.


Pianos for Good Causes from AnyVan - Preloved UK


Anyvan: Final Thoughts

AnyVan has some unique features that you will enjoy if you try them out. They provide an undeniable service that will bring a smile to your face when you finally try them out. They are also one of the few that have over 30,000 positive reviews on Trust Pilot, if that many people trust them then they are trustworthy.

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