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FireStar Toys Best Deals

If you are a LEGO and other toys fan, you will love the best deals on FireStar toys! You can find great discounts at the best LEGO shop. Whether looking for a new toy to add to your collection or to give as a gift, you will find something perfect at the best LEGO shop. This store has something for everyone due to its wide variety of toys. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the best FireStar Toys deals today!

What are FireStar Toys | About?

FireStar Toys were established in 2006 by a group of friends who were passionate about LEGO. They saw an opportunity to provide high-quality, rare, and custom LEGO Minifigures to the market, and they’ve been doing so ever since!

It has developed steadily over the past few years, and today they are a global leader in LEGO Minifigures. They have an extensive range of over 25,000 different parts and accessories, and they are always expanding their selection to bring their customers the best possible experience.

FireStar Toys are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and always looking for ways to improve its products and services. They frequently hold competitions, offer discounts to their loyal fans and followers, and are always happy to hear from their customers.

If you’d like to know more about FireStar Toys, or if you have any questions or comments, you can get in touch with them via their social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or the Contact Us page on their website. 

StarPoints – Loyalty Program

What is better than getting free stuff? Loyalty rewards you with free stuff! FireStar Toys Offers a loyalty program that gives benefits to its customers. Whenever a purchase is made, the customer gets a certain percentage of the total points, which they can use in the future. 

Customers with more points will have higher discounts. The loyalty program is a great way to keep customers happy and returning to the store. It’s simple to use, all you have to do is create an account, and they start earning points with every purchase made. 

There are different membership levels, and each level comes with additional benefits. The more points you have, the higher their discount will be. When you reach a certain number of points, they will be able to redeem them.

Keeping customers happy and loyal is a great way to increase their loyalty. When you achieve 100 points, you will be able to get a £5.00 discount on your next purchase. If you have 200 points, you can get £10.00 off your next purchase. There is no limit to how many points you can earn; the more you spend, the more points you will rack up.

Best Deals Of FireStar Toys

  • Amazing Armory AirB Concept Helmet   

FireStar Toys offers a 50% discount on their exclusive range of Amazing Armory weapons and accessories, including the AirB Concept Helmet. This high-quality product is designed in limited runs, making it the perfect choice for serious LEGO designers. With a 2 StarPoints reward for every purchase, it’s the ideal time to stock up on this must-have item. Click here to see the rest of the Amazing Armory range.

Original Price: £4.95

Discounted Price: £2.95

Amazing Armory AirB Concept Helmet

  • Arealight Mini Figure Heads – Blue

If you’re looking for high-quality, custom-designed accessories for your LEGO figures, you’ll want to check out Arealight. Their Mini Figure Heads are now discounted, so don’t miss your chance to snag some! Made from injection-molded ABS plastic, their durability and detail are second to none. FireStar Toys is an official distributor, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Check out the Arealight range today and add some personality to your LEGO collection! If you buy this toy, you can get 3 Starpoint plus you can also avail discount on this item.

Original Price: £4.95

Discounted: £3.95

Arealight Mini Figure Heads - Blue

  • Brick Command – Ninja Star – Chrome Silver

What if there was a way to improve your LEGO brick battles? Check out the Brick Command Ninja Star! This sweet weapon is 100% compatible with all LEGO bricks and features a cool chrome silver finish. It’s on sale for just £1.25, so don’t wait too long! Plus, you’ll earn 1 StarPoint when you purchase this item, which you can redeem for even more great products. So why wait? Get the Brick Command Ninja Star today!

Original price:£2.50

Discounted price:£1.25

Brick Command Weapons | Custom LEGO Minifigures

  • Brickarms MP40 WW2 SMG Camo

Do you want to bring excitement to your Lego collection in a fun and unique way? Check out our Brickarms MP40 WW2 SMG Camo! This awesome weapon is created specifically for LEGO figures using high-quality injection molded ABS plastic. It’s also currently on sale, so don’t miss your chance to get it at a discounted price! Plus, when you purchase this item, you’ll earn 1 StarPoint that you can use towards future purchases. So what are you waiting for? Add the Brickarms MP40 WW2 SMG Camo to your collection today!

Orignal price : £2.50

Discounted Price:£1.50

Brickarms MP40 WW2 SMG Camo

  • The BrickForge – Officer Plume – Dark Blueish Gray

It is a great product for anyone looking for a high-quality, custom-designed LEGO accessory. The plume is made of high-quality injection moulded ABS plastic and is 100% compatible with LEGO. The plume fits onto helmets with a hole in the top and features a unique design in very limited runs. The best thing about this is that this product is available at a discount, if you make a purchase now, you can get it for £0.25.

Original Price: 0.75

Discounted Price: £0.25

BrickForge - Officer Plume - Dark Blueish Gray


FireStar Toys are great for your children and you because they have many benefits. Like you can avail discount on this, you can get star points which you can use in the future, and also this toy is made up of high-quality injection molded ABS plastic. So don’t wait too long. Add these selected items to your collection today!

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