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TOP 3 Running Underwear Brands

The best jogging underwear offers superior comfort, support and moisture-wicking properties compared to the usual pair of boxers, hipsters and shorts. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what is the best underwear for running because everyone has different preferences when it comes to jogging clothes. Some people prefer to forgo it altogether, making do with the support provided by the built-in insides of shorts or leggings.

Others talk about the benefits of wearing boxers or top-quality briefs. In our opinion, underwear is just as important as any other base layer. You won’t put old socks under your favourite pair of running shoes, just as you won’t wear unsuitable and uncomfortable underwear.

The best underwear for running is made from stretchy, free-moving fabrics that help wick sweat away from your body. Here we offer the best alternatives for men’s and women’s jogging underwear. We offer a great selection of underwear that will allow you to achieve maximum results on the treadmills, feeling amazingly comfortable under your favourite pair of running shorts or leggings.

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Running Underwear: Runderwear

The first running performance underwear is Runderwear. Their goal is to make performance running underwear, base layers, running bras, and socks that are incredibly comfortable and chafe-free to reduce the discomfort brought on by improperly fitted undergarments and apparel. This brand is known to have a lot of advantages over its competitors, some are:

  • Chafe-Free

Their multi-award-winning underwear line was developed to address the chafing problem that plagues many runners. Every product is created with the same fundamental principles in mind, then modified to accommodate various stylistic preferences and offer an anti-chafing solution for everyone.

  • Continuous Technology

There are no side seams or labels since the underwear is made on a 360-degree seamless machine from a single piece of fabric. Compared to the conventional cut-and-sew procedure, this considerably lowers the risk of skin irritation and minimizes waste throughout the production process.

  • Comfortable Wicking

The technical fabric’s superior moisture-wicking abilities enable it to swiftly remove perspiration from your skin. It has undergone intensive testing and development to optimize performance and keep you dry and comfortable.

  • Breathable Fabric

Each style of underwear is made from a performance fabric that is lightweight and breathable with strategically placed micro-perforations. These increase ventilation and improve core temperature management, keeping you comfortable no matter the situation.

  • Aesthetically Appealing

Designed specifically by runners for runners, to provide the utmost comfort. A sturdy fabric with four-way flexibility helps you to move freely while supporting your body, making it the ideal first layer next to your skin.


Some products of Runderwear


Women's Running Hipster - Black | runderwear™ – Runderwear™

If you want underwear that sits lower on the waist, Runderwear Women’s Running Hipsters are ideal. The company guarantees that the 360° seamless technology will prevent chafing as you run. These pants provide plenty of coverage for excellent support and comfort. The technical, lightweight, soft fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. To further minimize the likelihood of sweating and the likelihood of irritations like chafing, Runderwear has incorporated sections of micro-perforations for enhanced ventilation. Even after several washings, the fabric is sturdy and long-lasting.



Women's Running Boy Shorts | Runderwear™ – Runderwear.com


Runderwear Women’s Running Hot Pants are designed to provide fuller coverage and a girl-boxer style fit. With a 2.5, they provide great comfort and support and providing additional defence at the tops of the thighs and inner legs is the inseam.



Women's Anti Chafing Shorts | Runderwear™ – Runderwear.com

The Runderwear Women’s Anti-Chafing Shorts are ideal if you want more protection and covering down your thighs. They provide outstanding support and comfort, with 8″ silicone leg-grippers to keep them in place when exercising, as well as a lower inseam to lessen the chance of thigh chafing.



Men's Running Boxers - Black (3 Pack) | runderwear™ – Runderwear™

Discover their breathable, lightweight Running Boxers, which are designed to let you run freely and comfortably at all times. Focus on your run and be 100% chafe-free with these products, which instantly remove perspiration from your skin and provide support where you need it the most.


Running Underwear: New Balance

As a one-man business making arch supports in 1906, New Balance has grown into a multinational firm that sells clothing and footwear in more than 120 nations. Although it is a running-specific brand, its merchandise covers many different sports and lifestyle categories. In the US and the UK, it continues to have a sizable industrial presence.

Some products of New Balance

  • Dry and Fresh 9-inch Sport Brief 2 Pack


Mens Dry and Fresh 9 inch Sport Brief 2 Pack - New Balance


With their Men’s Dry and Fresh 9-inch Sport Brief 2 Pack, you can stay comfy all day. This time-tested pair of performance underwear has a sport short silhouette, a 9″ inseam, and breathable, stretchy fabric with NB DRY technology for quick drying.

  • Premium 6 Inch Boxer Brief with Fly 3 Pack


Mens Premium 6 Inch Boxer Brief with Fly 3 Pack - New Balance

With their Men’s Quality 6 Inch Boxer Brief with Fly 3 Pack, discover the difference premium, performance-driven underwear can make. No matter how hot your day gets, these boxer briefs provide all-day comfort that holds up. The breathable and stretchy fabric moves with you for flexible comfort, and NB DRY technology is built right in to keep you dry.

  • Breathe Hipster 2.0 3 Pack

The Women’s Breathe Hipster 2.0 3 Pack adds comfort underneath your favourite pants. This timeless hipster underwear is made to keep you comfortable without getting in the way of your objectives. The polyester fabric is elastic and breathable for a base layer that feels wonderful during workouts and workdays.


Running Underwear: Saxx

SAXX Underwear’s proprietary BallPark Pouch technology is included in every pair. This 3D pouch in the form of a hammock is designed to hold everything in place while reducing skin-on-skin friction. The BallPark Pouch is designed to fit the male anatomy and provides natural support and mobility. This game-changing internal innovation gives males the independence and space they need to get through their day without distractions thanks to breathable mesh panels and no visible stitching.

Some products of Saxx

  • QUEST 2-PACK Quick Dry Mesh


Quest Boxer Brief 2-Pack - Midnight Blue II | – SAXX Underwear Canada


Quest has a Slim Fit and is form-fitting across the thighs and butt. Additionally, a fly is included for quick and simple access. Your balls will perform at their highest level regardless of altitude thanks to the unique BallPark Pouch, a 3D hammock that holds everything in place.

  • VOLT Breathable Mesh

SAXX 2-Pack Volt Breathable Mesh Boxer Briefs | Metropolis at Metrotown

Increasing the intensity of your next workout. Volt is made of breathable pin-dot mesh, making it ideal for intense athletic training.


  • KINETIC Light-Compression Mesh


SAXX Men's KINETIC Light Compression Mesh Boxer Brief Underwear - Blackout | eBay


These black performance boxer underwear will stand out whether you’re participating in arduous weight-lifting workouts or relaxed rec league runs. Boxer briefs for training and workouts are the best in sports underwear, so beef up your gym bag with them.


Top 3 Running Underwear Conclusion


When choosing jogging underwear for men, the first thing to consider is style – briefs, boxer shorts, thongs or commandos. With many jogging briefs manufacturers now equipping their briefs with high-quality liners, the use of briefs without underwear is becoming more and more popular.
Both briefs and boxer briefs are great choices for those looking for an extra layer of support and protection, with boxer briefs often being slightly longer than regular briefs. Boxer briefs for jogging are different from regular boxer briefs. Instead of being light and roomy, they are tight. They resemble regular briefs in many ways. Fit, length, comfort and style are more a matter of personal taste.

For some, the choice of whether or not a fly is present in jogging shorts is more important. Depending on how easy you want to see access when nature calls, it’s up to you. They include both in their list of suggestions. While you’re making that important decision, whether you choose boxer shorts, briefs or thongs, check out the brands highlighted earlier.

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