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Cadbury Gifts Direct Best Deals

Are you looking for a great gift at a great price? Cadbury Gifts Direct is offering discounted prices on all their delicious goodies! If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special or an excuse to treat yourself to your favourite sweet treat, Cadbury Gifts Direct is the perfect place. With tons of options and discounts, you’re sure to find the right gift at Cadbury Gifts Direct. Today we’re taking a look at some of the best offers. Start browsing their range today!

About Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury Gifts Direct is committed to providing its customers with only the best gifts and chocolates. Their long-standing relationship with Mondelēz International has given us access to exclusive innovations like the Giant Selection Box, which contains an unprecedented amount of chocolate and is sure to delight even the most discerning sweet tooth. 

Additionally, they have an expert team of e-commerce and distribution specialists who can offer personalized gift-wrapping services that are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion. 

Whether looking for last-minute gifts for friends or romantic surprises for your loved one, Cadbury Gifts Direct is the place to find all your favourite treats in one convenient online shop.


Cadbury I Love You Gift | Chocolate Hampers | Cadbury Gifts Direct


Best Deals Of Cadbury Gifts Direct

Following are some best deals on Cadbury gift direct:

Cadbury Gifts Direct Christmas Selection Boxes

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift this festive season? Look no further than chocolate selection boxes! These boxes are the ideal choice for any chocoholics on your list, featuring all your favourite Cadbury brands and delicious treats. 

Whether you are feeding a family or just looking to treat yourself, this large selection of options has something to suit every taste, from small, bite-sized treats perfect for little hands and tiny tummies to full-sized bars. 

That is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Cadbury gift direct collection has something for everyone. So why wait? Explore the range of chocolate selection boxes today and find the perfect holiday treat!

1. Christmas Double Deck Selection Box

  • Discounted Price: £13.50
  • Original Price: £15.00


2. Cadbury Favourites Selection Box 370g

  • Discounted Price: £5.35 
  • Original Price: £5.95


3. Cadbury Stocking Selection Box 179g

  • Discounted Price: £3.99


4. Cadbury Selection Box 145g

  • Discounted Price: £2.99



Cadbury Double Deck Selection Box | Chocolate Gifts | Cadbury Gifts Direct

Cadbury Gifts Direct Easter Egg Bundles & Multi Packs

Whether you’re looking to treat your family, coworkers, or even yourself this Easter, Cadbury gift direct has a wide selection of chocolate Easter eggs in various sizes and multi-packs. 

Their online store makes it easy to stock up on all the chocolate eggs you’ll need for the annual Easter egg hunt. Fast next-day delivery makes it easy to enjoy an effortless Easter filled with all your favourite chocolates! 

1. Cadbury Creme Egg (Box of 48)

  • Price: £30.72


2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg 71g (Box of 12)

  • Price: £22.20


3. Cadbury Mini Eggs Shell Egg 130g (Box of 9)

  • Price: £31.41


4. Dairy Milk Buttons Giant Easter Egg 419g (Box of 4)

  • Price: £40



Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Giant Egg 419g | Cadbury Gifts Direct


Make Your | Cadbury Gifts Direct Hamper

Cadbury offers various options to fit your budget and your wildest cravings. With fast delivery and different flavours and sizes, this is the perfect place to find gifts for all your loved ones this holiday season. 

So check out Cadbury’s Make your Hamper today and start shopping for amazing deals! The best thing about this deal is you can make it according to your budget.

1. Cadbury Chocolate Tree Decorations 72g

  • Price: £2.15


2. Cadbury Christmas Cabin Kit

  • Price: £5.00


3. Cadbury Christmas Santa Hat

  • Price: £14.95



Cadbury Christmas Santa Hat | Cadbury Gifts Direct


Chocolate And Wine Gifts

If you are shopping for someone who loves chocolate or someone who loves wine, a chocolate and wine gift is a perfect choice. Cadbury Gifts Direct offers an array of options ranging from big hampers packed with classic favourites like Milk Tray and Eclairs to more understated gifts like chocolate selection boxes and a single bottle of bubbly. 

Whether you need a gift for a foodie or a wine connoisseur, our selection of chocolate and wine gifts is sure to please you. And with next-day delivery available, you can easily order your favourite picks online today!

1. Cadbury Chocolate & Wines Hamper

  • Price: £50.00


2. Cadbury Selection Box & Prosecco Gift

  • Price: £27.00


3. Cadbury Selection Box & White Wine Gift

  • Price: £27.00


Cadbury Chocolate Wine Hamper | Cadbury Gifts Direct


We recommend you buy chocolate and wine if you want a gift because it is a great way to show how much you know the person and are sure to please. If you want to gift a little one who is a sweet lover, then Cadbury Gifts Direct makes your hamper suitable for you. 

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